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Your child’s first dental cleaning should be relaxed and worry-free, not full of stress and anxiety. That’s why you want a child-friendly dentist you can trust. Lawrence O’Mallon, DMD, in Jersey City, New Jersey, and his team of dental professionals are available to take care of all your child’s needs, from their first pediatric dental cleaning to more extensive dental procedures. To learn more about the pediatric services offered by Dr. O’Mallon, call today.

Dental Cleaning Q & A

What is a child-friendly dentist?

A child-friendly dentist is dedicated to providing quality dental care to children, from infancy through their teen years. They are trained in treating and maintaining the teeth, gums, and mouth throughout childhood and adolescent years. A child-friendly dentist offers several services, including:

  • Routine cleanings
  • Oral health exams
  • Preventive dental care, including fluoride treatments and nutrition recommendations
  • Orthodontic services
  • Cavity treatments
  • Gum disease management
  • Tooth repairs
  • Custom made mouthguards
  • Habit counseling for thumb sucking, pacifier use, and more


Visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for young children, which is why our office is dedicated to treating you and your child like family providing informative and compassionate support.

What can I expect from my child’s first pediatric dental cleaning?

Dr. O’Mallon and his team strive to make your child’s first pediatric dental cleaning fun, welcoming, and stress-free. The best way to get started is to schedule your child’s first visit as soon as possible, preferably before their first birthday. This gives your child a chance to get familiar with the office and the cleaning process early on.

While in the waiting room, your child has the opportunity to play with puzzles, read books, and color. Having this time to unwind helps promote relaxation, giving you the chance to ask the staff any questions you may have.

Once in the exam room, Dr. O’Mallon checks your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth for any signs of cavities, tooth decay, and more. Depending on your child’s age, x-rays may be taken. Also, a fluoride treatment may be recommended to keep their oral health in the best shape possible.

During the appointment, Dr. O’Mallon may talk to you and your child about the best brushing and flossing techniques, diet and nutrition, and possible oral health risks to keep their teeth looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

How can I help prepare for my child’s first dental cleaning?

A child’s first dental exam marks a chance to build a long-lasting and positive relationship with your child's dentist. That’s why it’s important to schedule your appointment during a time of day when your child is most relaxed and comfortable.

Encourage your child to speak up with any concerns they have about visiting the dentist, so Dr. O’Mallon can explain exactly what will happen during their cleanings and routine visits. An open dialogue may help ease any anxiety and fear they have regarding the visit.

A positive relationship with Dr. O’Mallon sets your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Call Dr. Lawrence O’Mallon today to learn more about your child’s next pediatric dental cleaning.