Early Dental Care

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Early intervention and preventive care are crucial for your child’s oral development. Lawrence O’Mallon, DMD, in Jersey City, New Jersey, is passionate about providing early dental care to his toddler-aged and adolescent patients. Dr. O'Mallon recommends coming in for a first pediatric visit once your baby gets their first tooth. Call Dr. Lawrence today to learn more about the importance of early dental care.

Early Dental Care Q & A

What is early dental care?

Early dental visits are crucial in fostering your child’s good oral health practices. Even during infancy, it’s important to talk to Dr. O’Mallon about the right dental regime for your child, whether you nurse or bottle-feed. This helps keep your baby’s gums healthy even before their first tooth emerges.

How can I care for my baby’s smile?

Many parents don’t realize how important it is to care for an infant’s gums before their first tooth emerges. Clean, healthy gums ward off serious dental concerns, such as decay and gum disease, before they have a chance to become a severe problem. Most dentists recommend wiping your infant’s gums down with thin gauze or a soft, warm washcloth to keep them clean and free from unwanted debris.

Once your baby’s teeth start coming in, Dr. O’Mallon recommends buying a soft-bristled toothbrush explicitly made for infants, to keep your baby’s teeth healthy without irritating their sensitive gums.

How early should I take my child to the dentist?

Dr. O’Mallon recommends scheduling your child’s first visit before their first or second birthday, ideally once their first tooth emerges. This helps Dr. O’Mallon spot any signs of decay, gum disease, or bite problems early on. He will maintain your child’s smile with routine dental cleanings and exams, removing any unwanted food debris and plaque before it has a chance to build up. Also, allowing us to take x-rays helps us to look inside your child's teeth for problems not visible to the naked eye.

Not only do these early visits help Dr. O’Mallon reduce your child’s chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and more, they also serve as a time to educate yourself on the best oral health practices for your child.

Dr. O’Mallon provides you with expert tips on caring for your child’s teeth at home, from the best way to floss to good brushing habits. If your child is prone to cavities and tooth decay early on, Dr. O’Mallon may even help you curate the right diet and nutrition plan to cultivate a healthy smile.

Early dental care now can help save your child’s teeth later. For world-class early care, call Dr. O’Mallon today.